Ways To Reuse Jars

Ways To Reuse Jars

I LOVE jars. They just feel so rustic without meaning to. I managed to collect a fairly large number over the years, either as gifts from friends or ones I grabbed at a thrift store. I've created a list of creative ways to use those extra jars lying around.


Make a Terrarium or Plant Holder

Mason jar terrarium.
Image by Arun Thomas.

This is perfect excuse to get another plant for the house. Check this Huffpost article out for how to make an empty jar a new home for your plants! This is also a good use for old peanut butter jars.


Clean and dry the jar, then place things in it! It can hold pencils, kitchen utensils, paintbrushes, you name it! You can even customize the jar with some paint and labels.


Food Storage

With the same idea in mind as above, safely store your dried herbs, flowers, spices, and other food products! I personally keep my dried botanicals in large mason jars before sorting them into bags for my shop.


Food Dish/Drink

Eating out a mason jar is a great way to feel good about eating a salad (especially if you need to motivation to eat healthy).



Follow these WikiHow instructions to make a lovely mason jar candle! I think it adds a personal touch when compared to regular candles.


Home Decor

Mason jar dried flower decor
Image from DHGate.

Give your home a rustic look with a couple of mason jars, dried flowers, and an piece of wood. Dried yarrow, hydrangeas, and baby's breath are some of my favorites.


Wedding Decor

Wedding decor with mason jars
Image by Brandy.

A perfect way to add a rustic look to your boho wedding. And it makes for cheap but stylish decor!

You can also put some stringed lights inside, to make a lovely DIY lamp. You can get battery-operated ones for cheap at Walmart.

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