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Citrine Tumbled (30 - 40 mm)

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You will receive one citrine crystal.

The measurements are approximately 30 to 40 mm each. Please allow for slight variations in color, size, and shape per piece.

Citrine belongs to the quartz mineral family. It gets its color from iron traces in quartz and can range from pale yellow to bright shades of amber. Citrine has a hexagonal crystal system and a cloudy or smoky appearance in its natural state. Citrine's meaning is centered on prosperity, joy, and energy.


Products are for recreational purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis from a doctor. Outcomes are not guaranteed.

Physical Properties

Metaphysical Properties

Represents: Healing, Joy, Happiness, Calming, Comfort
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Astrological Sign: Virgo, Leo
Chakra: Solar PLexus, Crown


The measurements are approximately 30 to 40 mm each.


Products will be shipped in resealable, plastic bags, with a label displaying the name of the product.