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Garnet Chips | Crystal Confetti, Mixture | Love, Wealth

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You will receive a bag of garnet chips. The color and material of the bag may vary. Please note the images for details.

Garnet revitalizes, cleanses, and balances energy, bringing calmness or passion depending on the situation. encourages devotion and love. Garnet soothes emotional discord and balances sex desire. It inspires courage and hope by igniting and strengthening the survival instinct.

It comes in small (50g), medium (100g), and large (200g) bags.

Products are for recreational purposes only. They are not intended to replace a doctor's professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Outcomes are not guaranteed. 

Physical Properties

Including garnet in your life may be the best way to boost your sexual prowess if you struggle with low libido or issues with physical intimacy. As a potently sexual stone, garnet won't hold back when it comes to igniting the fire in your loins, bringing energy, and assisting you in feeling prepared to express your needs and wants in the bedroom.

Garnet is a magnificent stone for aiding in the removal of body toxins and maintaining healthy circulation. It radiates warmth and has the color of rich blood. It's a stone that strives to maintain the best possible functioning of your heartbeat, metabolism, and blood flow.

Metaphysical Properties

Represents: Devotion, Passion, Love, Energy, Manifestation

According to legend, Hades gave Persephone a pomegranate before she left his realm to ensure a swift and secure return. The fruit changed into a number of the red gemstones when she did come back.

Before a loved one leaves on a trip, garnet stones are frequently given as gifts. It is a common belief that garnets can help mend broken love bonds. The heart and blood stimulant properties of garnets are also known to help treat depression and melancholy.

In the world of business, garnet is thought to be incredibly helpful. The stone can help the wearer succeed personally and professionally by drawing people to them. It is particularly helpful for those looking to launch home businesses.

Chip Size


Products will be shipped in resealable bags. Color and material may vary.