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Monkshood Dried Vials - 10 and 15 ml vials, Natural, Wolfsbane

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The popular monkshood vials! We are the only current USA sellers of REAL monkshood, and have had many happy customers. Back in screw top and cork top vials! An awesome and unique gift for yourself or others.


Latin name: Aconitum napellus  

Family: Ranunculaceae

Other names: Wolfsbane, Venus' chariot


The word "aconitum" is derived from the Greek word "akon," which may refer to the dart or javelin whose tips were poisoned, or to "akonae," a reference to the rocky soil where the plant was thought to grow. It is believed that the Greek word "lycoctonum", which literally translates to "wolf's bane," refers to the usage of its juice to poison arrows or lures used to kill wolves. Monkshood is the English name for the flower's distinctive cylindrical helmet, also known as the galea.


NOTE: Monkshood is very toxic when consumed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. We will not be held liable for any misuse of the product, you agree to these terms upon purchase.

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