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Pink Opal (30 - 40 mm)

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You will receive one stone.

Measurements are approximately 30 - 40 mm per piece. Please allow for variations in color, size, and shape per piece.


Products are for recreational purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis from a doctor. Outcomes are not guaranteed.

Physical Properties

Opal can aid with a range of physical ailments, including insulin regulation in the body.

It is thought to be useful in treating infections and fevers, as well as promoting healthy liver function.

Opal is claimed to relieve feelings of congestion or tightness in the chest, and it is also said to help with birthing pains and PMS symptoms.

Metaphysical Properties

Opal is a gentle stone with a gentle vibratory energy. Opal is thought to increase cosmic consciousness and strengthen mystical and psychic visions.

It will stimulate innovation and creativity. It will get your creative juices flowing and provide you with energy whenever you need it.

This stone's energies will also urge you to express your true self. You will feel confident and at ease in your own skin, which will be reflected in your words, thoughts, and deeds.


Measurements are approximately 30 - 40 mm per piece.


Products will be shipped in resealable, plastic bags, with a label displaying the name of the product.